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Mosuf Perfume Wholesale at Tradefair Market – Lagos
  • September 24, 2023 4:38 am
  • Trade-Fair, Lagos
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Ard Al Zaafaran Mousuf Eau De Parfum is a warm, floral oriental fragrance for men. Fragrance notes. Top notes: Grape chocolaty scent., Mosuf perfume for men and women at tradefair international market at wholesale prices. If you are a retailer in any city in Nigeria, come to us for distributors price.We sell wholesale to boutique owners accross lagos and Nigeria.

Mousuf – Eau De Parfum – 100ml (3.4 Fl. oz) by Ard Al Zaafaran ; Features & details · Oud wood scent, spicy, floral, high quality and long lasting.


  • Category : Health & Beauty Products
  • Ard Al Zaafaran Mousuf Eau De Parfum is a warm, floral oriental fragrance for men. Fragrance notes. Top notes: Grape chocolaty scent.
  • an oriental fragrance with a rich and crisp freshness from Ard Al Zaafaran Perfumery. Traditional elements are combined with modernity in this elegant perfume.


Att GA ,3,4,5,6, opposite A09 Enugu plaza ,100011,Trade-Fair,Lagos

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